School Overview

Authorized under the Charter School Act of 1992, and chartered by the Rocklin Unified School District, Rocklin Academy is a tuition-free public elementary school open to all students. Rocklin Academy offers its high performing academic program on two shared campuses. Rocklin Academy is the first public school in the greater Sacramento area to offer the nationally recognized Core Knowledge curriculum.

Rocklin Academy Offers

  • High Educational Standards
  • Core Knowledge Curriculum
  • Scott-Foresman Mathematics
  • Junior Great Books
  • Language Arts/English (Houghton Mifflin)
  • History (Pearson/Core Knowledge)
  • Spelling (Houghton Mifflin)
  • Writing (Step Up to Writing)
  • Art & Music Docent Instruction
  • Individualized Student Attention
  • High Behavioral Standards
  • Full Partnership with Families

Curriculum – Core Knowledge

A Core Knowledge education is built upon a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science and the fine arts. As the core of a school's curriculum, it provides a solid, coherent foundation for learning; it is also flexible to meet local needs. This allows all the curriculum expectations of the California Framework to be thoroughly covered at each grade level by Rocklin Academy’s teachers. The Core Knowledge curriculum is the result of research into the content and structure of the highest performing elementary school systems around the world. Specific content includes language arts, world history and geography, visual art, music, mathematics and science. More information about Core Knowledge is available at the Core Knowledge website