Drop off and Pick up

Drop Off
Please remember that the drop of time for Cohort A is from 8:10-8:20 and for Cohort B, from 12:10-12:20. If you arrive early, please stay in your car with your child and do not drop them off until the appropriate window because supervision is not available before this time.
  •  Students should pull up to their identified drop off location with a mask already on.

  •  All teachers will be waiting at the grade level drop off area to greet students and help monitor social distancing and collect their class. They are so excited to greet their students! Teachers will stay with their students to and from class as we know many have not been on campus before. We want our students (and parents) to feel comfortable and confident that we are taking good care of their child(ren).

  •  All parents must stay in their vehicles and exit campus with the flow of traffic and turn right as they leave the parking lot. Please do not park, parents are not allowed on campus at this time.

    •  Kindergarten students drop off is at the kindergarten bus loop outside the kindergarten playground. Kinder parents, if you would like to park and wave by the gate, that is understandable.

    • 1st-4th grade students drop off is at the front of the school.

    •  5th-6th grade students, with their younger siblings, will be dropped off at the back lot by Ruhkala’s multipurpose room and basketball courts

Pick Up
  • Students will be picked up at the same location as their drop off in the morning.

  • Teachers will walk their class out and stay with their class after school during pick up to closely monitor social distancing. Teachers will have clearly posted lawn signs so families can quickly identify where

    their child’s class is located.

  • Please pick up your child on time so that time is maximized between cohorts.

  • Kindergarten is picked up in the side kindergarten bus loop.

  • Grades 1-4 are picked up out front.

  • Grades 5 & 6, with younger siblings, will be picked up in the back parking lot.